Frequently Asked Questions

How much does PUREing cost?

The average cost to SST PURE a shaft across the SST licensee network is about $40. Sometimes that cost is included with the price of a new club. To retro PURE an existing club requires more labor since the club has to be dissembled, so that process can cost up to $75.

What is SST PURE?

SST PURE® is a patented process of shaft alignment that analyzes any golf shaft to find its most stable orientation. Using proprietary computer software and sensitive data-acquisition sensors, the SST PURE Shaft Alignment System quickly locates the “neutral” plane in each shaft. By assembling the club with the shaft in this SST PUREd position, off-line twisting and bending during the golf swing and at impact are greatly minimized. The SST PURE system also generates a Shaft Analysis Report for each shaft, showing its structural and performance analysis.

Why do shafts need to be PUREd?

Like snowflakes and fingerprints, no two golf shafts are exactly the same. Every shaft contains irregularities in straightness, roundness and stiffness that are inherent to the manufacturing process. These structural inconsistencies can negatively or positively affect a shaft’s performance depending on how the shaft is aligned in the clubhead. SST PURE locates the most stable orientation in any shaft.

The SST PURE process works on any shaft, regardless of its material; steel, graphite, even boron or thermoplastic shafts benefit from the SST PURE process.

What are the performance benefits of the SST PURE process?

The result of the SST PURE process is that players of all skill levels hit the ball longer, straighter and more uniformly consistent than ever before. Independent testing on players of all skill level has established that SST PURE improves impact repeatability on the center of the clubface by up to 51 percent. Clubs that have been PUREd have a softer feel than randomly installed shafts, which is the current standard for club assembly.

What is the difference between spining and PUREing?

Spining is a nebulous, undefined term that a lot of different people use to describe a lot of different processes. To some people spining means putting the shaft in a clamp and deflecting it back and forth. To others is means using a tube-like device to determine the straightness of a shaft.

The SST PURE process, on the other hand, is an engineeringly sound procedure that performs a structural and performance analysis on every shaft to locate its most stable orientation. This is done by computer analysis, so any errors which might be made from human judgment are negated. SST PURE locates the Plane of Uniform Repeatability in every shaft, that is, the dominant plane in the shaft on which the shaft flexes. This guarantees a softer feel and more consistent performance from club to club.

If any clubmaker tells you, “I can do the same thing as PUREing,” don’t listen to them unless you receive an official SST PURE printout. Your game is too important to be trusted to an individual’s judgment.

Do steel shafts need to be PUREd?

Absolutely. Steel shafts are made by heating a flat piece of steel and wrapping it around a template called a mandrel. The ends of the steel are welded together to form what is called a weld seam. The location of this weld seam greatly affects the way the shaft performs. Straightness and roundness are also an issue in mass-produced steel golf shafts. The SST PURE process takes all of these factors into account when PUREing a steel shaft.

Do PGA TOUR golfers use the SST PURE process?

For nearly 20 years, the SST PURE process has been available nearly every week on-site at PGA Tour events. Hundreds of PGA Tour players, including many of the Tour’s biggest names, have had shafts SST PURE aligned. Many regularly have shafts PUREd throughout the year to better help them evaluate new equipment. Some TOUR players will not hit a club unless it has been SST PURE aligned. Many players from the LPGA, Champions Tour and Tour have also had shafts PUREd.

How do I interpret my SST PURE Shaft Analysis Report?

Each SST PURE Shaft Analysis Report is broken down into two sections: The top shows the results from a structural analysis of your shaft, and the bottom shows the results of a performance analysis before and after the shaft was PUREd.

The graph at the top of the page shows the results from the Load Symmetry Index Test. This test analyzes the structure of your shaft. The result is a number from 1 to 100. If a shaft were perfectly round, perfectly straight and equally stiff all the way around, its score would be 100 and the line on the graph would be straight across the top. Such a golf shaft does not exist on the market.

The graphs at the bottom of the page indicate the movement of the shaft tip at impact. The red graph on the left demonstrates how the shaft performed in the Logo Up position, which is the typical method of shaft installation. The green graph on the right shows how the shaft performs in the SST PURE position.

Finally, the conclusion on the bottom of the page lets you know how much the shaft was rotated and how much more stable it is now that it has been SST PURE aligned.

Does it only benefit low handicap golfers?

No. Our player testing has shown that SST PURE shaft alignment increases impact repeatability on the center of the clubface for players of all skill levels.

Can I just send my shafts to you, SST, to PURE my shafts?

Yes, click here SHOP SST

I bought a PUREd shaft on E-bay. How do I know how to align the head?

If the shaft has no line marking the shaft then there is no way to align and the shaft will have to be PUREd again and remarked for installation.

My shafts were cut. Are they able to be PUREd?

Yes.  Any shaft, cut or uncut, can be PUREd, marked and installed into the club.

Which shops Pure in house and where can I ship my shaft to get PUREd?

You can find each SST PURE licensee on our website.  A few of our licensees, Club Champion, Truespec, Cool Clubs and Golftech, have their PUREing machines at their Head Quarter locations where their build shop is located, not at each location listed.

I bought shafts with your sticker on them. How do I get the information about them?

In order to find an SST PURE report for a shaft, you need to know the name of the owner who had it PUREd.

The report says it was rotated ______ degrees from logo up but it only looks like it was rotated approximately _____ degrees (Licensee not using correct logo up position)

In this case it looks like when the shaft was PUREd they didn’t test the beginning spot at the Logo Up position and instead tested another random spot on the shaft. Sometimes this is done to save time. Either way the shaft is rotated to the most stable point and PURE.

My shaft did not come with a Pure Label so how do I get one of these for my club?

Please visit or contact the licensee that PUREd your shafts. They will be able to provide as many as you need.

What is the logo up position and what does that mean regarding my Pured shaft?

The Logo Up position shows the shaft’s performance if it were to be oriented in the clubhead with the logo facing straight up at address. Since the Logo Up position is selected randomly by the shaft manufacturers during production for each shaft, it is rarely the case when the Logo Up position and the most stable position located by SST PURE are the same.

Where are the results for my Pured shafts, or the shafts I purchased?

Click this link and enter your email SST Reports

Difference between PUREing and Flo?

FLO, or Flat Line Oscillation, is another imprecise test clubmakers have used for decades. It is nowhere near as precise as SST PURE Shaft Alignment.

What is the biggest thing you will notice with a PUREd set?

The result of the SST PURE process is that players of all skill levels hit the ball longer, straighter and more uniformly consistent than ever before. Clubs that have been PUREd have a softer feel than randomly installed shafts, which is the current standard for club assembly.

Can I change the settings on the adjustable adapter without losing the benefits of PUREing?

It depends on which manufacturer’s adapter you are using.  Some adapters allow you to make changes without changing the orientation of the shaft and some don’t.  It’s important to work with a fitter or email us if you do make changes and we can let you know.  If you do make changes, you should have a clubmaker pull and reset the shaft in the PUREd position to the final adapter setting.

What does the vertical deviation in the report represent?

The vertical deviation represents off-line bending and twisting as the shaft flexes. SST’s goal is to minimize it in the assembled club.

How is the club improvement percentage calculated?

The vertical deviation at the Logo Up position is compared to the vertical deviation in the SST PURE position, and the improvement is calculated.

Is the line printed on the shaft the PURE position?

The line is printed so it is at 12:00, or straight up, when inserted into the clubhead. This is done for ease of assembly; the actual SST PURE plane is 90 degrees from the line.

What is the neutral plane?

The neutral plane, or SST PURE plane, is a plane on the shaft where off-line bending and twisting are minimized when the shaft is flexed.

Can stock graphite shafts be PUREd?

Yes. With the exception of some bent-neck putter shafts, all shafts can and should be PUREd.