18 Jan SST PURE® Announces Expansion of its Domestic and International Network of Licensees

SST PURE®, golf’s global leader in computerized analysis and alignment of golf shafts, announced today it plans to continue expanding its domestic and international network of licensees. The company invites interested club fitters attending the PGA Show to visit its booth #1859 to learn about the PUREing process and to find out how to become an SST PURE licensee.

“The top expert club fitters on the PGA Tour and around the world use SST PURE® Shaft Alignment to analyze and align their custom clubs and more and more are becoming licensed,” SST PURE President Brian Adair said. “Hundreds of professional golfers on the PGA TOUR have shafts which have undergone the SST PURE process. This technology is available to all golfers through a domestic and international network of licensees.”

“The premium club fitting segment of the golf industry is growing rapidly with companies such as Club Champion, Cool Clubs, True Spec, and many others opening new stores throughout the U.S. and internationally,” added Adair. “We are in a unique position to provide them with an engineeringly sound procedure that performs a structural and performance analysis on every shaft to locate its most stable orientation. This guarantees a softer feel and more consistent performance from club to club. We welcome interested club fitters to contact us to learn about our PUREing process and to find out how to become an SST PURE licensee.”

SST PURE is a patented process of shaft alignment that analyzes a golf shaft to find its most stable orientation. Using proprietary computer software and sensitive data-acquisition sensors, the SST PURE Shaft Alignment System quickly locates the “neutral” plane in each shaft. By assembling the club with the shaft in this SST PUREd position, off-line twisting and bending during the golf swing and at impact are greatly minimized. The SST PURE system also generates a printout for each shaft, showing its structural and performance analysis.

The SST PURE process works on any shaft, regardless of its material. Every shaft contains irregularities in straightness, roundness and stiffness that are inherent to the manufacturing process. These structural inconsistencies can negatively or positively affect a shaft’s performance depending on how the shaft is aligned in the clubhead. SST PURE locates the most stable orientation in any shaft.

Players who have had their shafts SST PUREd hit the ball longer, straighter and more uniformly consistent than ever before. Independent testing on players of all skill levels has established that SST PURE improves impact repeatability on the center of the clubface by up to 51 percent. Clubs that have been PUREd have a softer feel than randomly installed shafts, which is the current standard for club assembly.

SST PURE is currently licensed by club fitters in 21 states in the U.S. and in 14 other countries including Australia, Bahamas, Canada, England, Germany, Holland, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Northern Ireland, Scotland, South Korea, and Switzerland.