SST PURE®, golf’s global leader in computerized analysis and alignment of golf shafts, is proud to announce TOUR EXPERIENCE GOLF as a new licensee in Canada.  With locations in Toronto and Mississauga, Ontario, Tour Experience Golf is among the leaders in custom fitting in Canada. Tour Experience Golf offers customers a premier custom fitting experience that now includes SST PURE® shaft alignment technology. TXG offers full bag fittings for new clubs in its state-of-the-art studio.

TXG CEO Ian Fraser shared a statement about SST PURE® :

We couldn’t be prouder to join the illustrious list of SST PURE® Licensees. Joining the leading club fitters and club builders in the world by becoming the latest SST PURE® Licensee has been a goal of ours for some time. From the inception of TXG, I understood that in order to offer our clients the best possible club building service SST PURE® had to be part of our process.

As an SST PURE® licensee, TXG will offer customers installation of new PUREd shafts into existing heads, build brand new custom clubs using PUREd shafts, PUREing of used unassembled individual shafts. Additionally, TXG will be able to “RetroPURE” customers’ existing equipment which involves:
•    disassembly of clubs
•    PUREing the existing shafts
•    reinstalling shafts and reassembly of clubs

SST PURE® is a patented process of shaft alignment designed to analyze a golf shaft to find its most stable orientation. Using proprietary computer software and sensitive data-acquisition sensors, the SST PURE® Shaft Alignment System quickly locates the “neutral” plane in each shaft. By assembling the club with the shaft in this SST PUREd position, off-line twisting and bending during the golf swing and at impact are greatly minimized. The SST PURE® system also generates a printout for each shaft, showing its structural and performance analysis.

The SST PURE® process works on any shaft regardless of its material; steel, graphite, even boron or thermoplastic sports equipment benefits from the SST PURE® process. All shafts contain irregularities in straightness, roundness and stiffness that are inherent to the manufacturing process. These structural inconsistencies can negatively or positively affect a shaft’s performance depending on how the shaft is aligned.

SST PURE® is currently licensed by golf club fitters in 21 states in the U.S. and in 14 other countries including Australia, Bahamas, Canada, England, Germany, Holland, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Northern Ireland, Scotland, South Korea, and Switzerland.

For more information about the PUREing process, visit https://sstpure.com.

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SST PURE® is a highly sophisticated, patented process through which a golf shaft can be analyzed, and its most stable position identified. The man responsible for making this technology available is Dick Weiss, a Florida businessman and clubmaker. The top expert club fitters on the PGA Tour and around the world use SST PURE® Shaft Alignment to analyze and align their custom clubs and more and more are becoming licensed. On every major professional tour, the best golfers in the world rely on the groundbreaking SST PURE® Shaft Alignment to make sure their golf clubs perform consistently. Over $2 billion has been made on the PGA Tour by players who have SST PUREd their shafts for consistency, accuracy and distance. For more information, visit www.sstpure.com.