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What if every club felt
just like your favorite?

SST PURE can make it happen.

What is SST PURE® ?

Golf shafts aren’t perfectly straight or perfectly round. Studies have shown that irregularities in a shaft’s structure cause off-line bending and twisting during the golf swing. This causes an increase in shot dispersion or, in irons,  inconsistent gapping from club to club.

The SST PURE® Shaft Alignment System analyzes the structure of any golf shaft and identifies its most stable bending plane, or Neutral-Axis™. When assembled in the clubhead this SST PUREd® orientation the result is improved consistency from club to club within your set.

On every major professional tour, the best golfers in the world rely on SST PURE® Shaft Alignment to make sure their golf clubs perform consistently. At their level, they simply cannot afford mis-hit shots caused by their equipment.

SST PURE® technology is available to all golfers through a domestic and international network of licensees. Whether you are considering buying a new set of clubs or having an SST PURE licensee retro-PURE® your existing set, hit every shot SST PURE®!



SST PURE® Licensees

SST PURE is available worldwide. Find a location near you …




SST PURE® is a patented process of shaft alignment that analyzes…



Who gets PUREd on the PGA TOUR?

SST PURE is on-site at the PGA TOUR event most weeks to PURE shafts for the best players in the world.



How do I read the SST PURE Report?

Understand the analysis report that comes with your PUREd shaft. 


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Looking for your SST PURE shaft reports?

If you have had shafts PUREd by an SST PURE licensee and provided your e-mail address, click here to enter your e-mail and view the specifications of your shafts.

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Latest Testimonials

I love technology that makes my game better and I don’t have to do anything on my part. That’s what PUREing does for me.Padraig Harrington

- Padraig Harrington, 2007 & 2008 Open Champion, 2007 Order of Merit winner, 2008 PGA Champion

I believe that every shaft should be PUREd to put any structural inconsistency in a plane “down the line” rather that “across it. At the very least it’s got to help, psychologically, to know that every shaft is exactly the same. Ideally, shafts should be PUREd at the factory before the graphics are put on so that they are all visually consistent as well.

- Colin Montgomerie, Eight-time Order of Merit Winner

I had complete confidence in what I was doing.

- Brandt Snedeker,